Monday, 8 November 2010

November Card Challenge - 25th Anniversary Card

Hi Everyone,

November 2010 is the 25th Anniversary of when we started Craft Creations Ltd, so when thinking of a subject for the November Card Challenge we thought the ideal subject for this month would be a 25th Anniversary Card. Of course, we don't mean one specifically for us!

Prizes - As it's Craft Creations' 25th Anniversary we thought some Extra Special Prizes (for this Anniversary Challenge only!) would be good and here they are:

1st - £90 Craft Creations Voucher.
2nd - £75 Craft Creations Voucher.
3rd - £60 Craft Creations Voucher.
4th - £45 Craft Creations Voucher.
5th - £30 Craft Creations Voucher.
5 Runners Up - £15 Craft Creations Voucher Each.

Rules and other entry information can be found on the November Card Challenge page, entries will also be posted there, so be sure to check often.

We look forward to seeing your entries, good luck!


  1. Thanks for the new challenge, looking forward to this one too. What great prizes too. Hugs lin

  2. Great Competition, love the prizes :)