Monday, 8 November 2010

October Card Challenge - Winners

A big thank you to everyone who entered the 'Peel-Off Sticker 10th Anniversary' Card Challenge and also to those who voted for their favourite. We loved seeing all of the entries to this our very first Card Challenge and are pleased to announce the winners as follows:

1st - Sue Findlay (042)
2nd - Carole Irving (023)
3rd - Sue Vickers (020)
Runners Up - Anesha Marshall (005), Annette Hartley (028), Deborah Giddins (043), Jean Smith (044), Louise Potton (054), Sue Wise (056), Bianca Parker (065).

Congratulations to you all, your peel-off sticker prizes will be on their way to you very soon.

Please visit the October Card Challenge page to see the winning entries.


  1. This is the first time I have entered one of my cards into a competition, so I am thrilled to have come second. I would like to thank everyone who voted for my card and I can't wait to see what Novembers challenge will be as I now have the bug!!! Thank you to Craft Creations for running these challenges, and to everyone who enters, I have picked up loads of ideas from you all.
    Thanks everyone, Carole.

  2. Congratulations to the winners and runners up. You have made great projects. It was lovely to see how others use their stickers. Hope you get great enjoyment from your prizes. Hugs lin

  3. It was also my first time, so I'm delighted to be one of the finalists. To me the test of a good design is one which you would like to have a go at yourself. My favourites from the other cards were by Carole Irving and Jean Smith. I'll be having a go at those designs in the near future. Well done everyone.

  4. Well done to everyone who entered the Peel-off Card Challenge, the wide range of card designs showed how versatile peel-offs are. I was very pleased to be one of the runners up, thank you to all the voters who voted for my card. Many thanks to Craft Creations for running these competitions. Good luck to everyone in the next challenge.

  5. Well done ladies. Thanks to Craft Creations for running this competition.

  6. Hi - Just read my email telling me I have got a runners up prize! I will be picking my prize as soon as I have finished preparing and eating dinner!! Was a bit surprised that such a simple design for peel offs was picked as one of the top ten so am even more delighted that it got some votes - thanks to those who did. XX
    Looking forward to more Card Challenges.

  7. Further to the above comment - I forgot to mention that I applied glitter to some of the gaps on the peel offs (again not clear in the photo) gave an extra sparkle to the baubles.

  8. WOW I can't thank everyone enough for their votes. What a great feeling to be a winner.
    The prize will come in really handy as I make cards for charity.
    Roll on the November challenge. XX